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Our Favorite Tweets

March 20, 2015

A few of our favorite tweets. Retweet them if they strike you the same way!

Fav Tweets Blog Images Sandwich

Funniest Sandwich Tweets Part 1

April 15, 2015

Sandwiches are serious business. These tweets? Not so much...

Fav Tweets Blog Images Sandwich

Funniest Sandwich Tweets Part 2

April 21, 2015

We cut the crusts off the Twitter for ya. You're welcome.

Fav Pins

Favorite Pins

April 24, 2015

Here are our favorite pins this week.

Fav Tweets Blog Images Deli

Funniest Deli Tweets

May 07, 2015

Want some funny deli tweets? Take a number...

Fav Tweets Blog Hot Dog

Funniest Hot Dog Tweets Part 1

May 14, 2015

Frankly, these are the best we could find.

Fav Grilling Tweets Blog Images

Funniest Grilling Tweets

May 22, 2015

Gonna get up in yo' grill with these tweets.

Fav Tweets Blog Images Sandwich

Funniest Sandwich Tweets Part 3

June 11, 2015

Serving suggestion: Dip these tweets in tomato soup.

Fav Tweets Blog Hot Dog

Funniest Hot Dog Tweets Part 2

June 25, 2015

No amount of relish can top these tweets.

Truck Community Image

The Cleaner Wiener Truck is Coming!

July 09, 2015

To NY, NJ, and CT.

Usda Blog Post (1)

Why Animal Welfare Standards Should Be Part of Organic Meat Labeling

April 14, 2016

The United States Department of Agriculture took a huge step forward on April 7, 2016 by proposing a rule that would make animal welfare standards part of its requirements for organic certification.

Truck Hero Image
Meat Goals Blog

#MeatGoals2017: Take The Pledge

January 04, 2017

Many food companies spend a lot of time (and money) convincing consumers that their products are the key to keeping those perennial promises we all make: to eat more healthily, lose a few pounds, and exercise more.

Autumn Squash Soup

Test Broiler Blog

March 02, 2017


Broiler Blog

Our Commitment to More Humane Chicken Standards

March 03, 2017

At Applegate, we take pride in being the nation’s leading natural and organic meat company. We have never been content with the status quo, especially when it comes to animal welfare.

Wiyhd Slider

The Cleaner Wiener™ Is Now Even Cleaner

June 28, 2017

Our natural and organic 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs are officially verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Snack Blog

Simple, Flavor-Packed Snack Ideas for Any Occasion

August 09, 2017

Applegate Culinologist Jason Clarke packs spicy, sweet and savory into these five simple snack ideas.

30th Slider

Celebrating 30 Years of Fearlessly Reading Hot Dog Labels

September 13, 2017

Thirty years ago, Applegate was founded on the simple premise of, “What if you weren’t afraid to read a hot dog label?” This bold question became a mission: Changing The Meat We Eat®.

Gm Os

How We’re Doing on Our Plan to Remove GMOs

October 05, 2017

In June 2015, we removed GMO ingredients from all of our products. In 2016, we went a step further: promising to take GMOs out of our entire supply chain and seeking third-party verification for all of our products.

Whole30 Blog Image

Applegate Teams Up with Whole30 Approved®

January 24, 2018

A new year is well underway, and for many, that means making life-changing resolutions, like adopting cleaner eating habits. By now you can probably tell, we’re big fans of simple ingredients and clean eating, which is why we’re excited about our partnership with Whole30®.

Pepperoni Blog Image

Applegate Pepperoni Gets Liberated From the Fridge

February 07, 2018

We made our new Applegate Naturals® Pork & Beef Pepperoni and Applegate Naturals® Turkey Pepperoni portable, without the use of artificial preservatives, by turning to old-school dry-curing techniques- adding salt and drying to the desired moisture level.

Talk Is Cheap Blog

Talk Is Cheap…Applegate Walks the Talk on Animal Welfare

February 28, 2018

Did you think it’s fair to label a package of bacon as organic if it was sourced from a farm where pigs are kept in crates? Yeah, we don’t either.

Chickens Out

USDA Chickens Out on Us

March 14, 2018

This isn’t the first time the people responsible for setting the standards to protect us have let us down, and unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last.

President Announcement

A Warm Welcome to Our New President

April 09, 2018

We’re excited to introduce our newest changemaker: Applegate President John Ghingo!

Spring Nuggs Blog Image

Newly Hatched! All-White Meat Chicken Lineup

April 16, 2018

Welcome the arrival of our new chicken nuggets, patties, and strips that will give you something to crow about!

Autism Blog

Food Allergies and The GFCF Diet

April 16, 2018

Food allergies are a serious matter for many families and one of the motivating factors as to why we choose to keep our ingredient lists simple and clean.

Carragean Blog

Carrageenan Update – New and Improved Changes to Our Organic Poultry Deli Meat

July 25, 2018

We’re proud to announce that we are relaunching our deli meat portfolio, which will no longer use carrageenan as an ingredient and will feature taste, texture, and packaging improvements.

Cheese Blog

Our New Natural Cheese Stands Alone

August 09, 2018

At Applegate, we’ve prided ourselves on progressing our mission: Changing The Meat We Eat® for more than 30 years, and we couldn’t be happier to add cheese to the change.

Bts Blog

Back to School Tips with Chef Vivian Howard

August 24, 2018

With the end of summer on the horizon, popping back into a back-to-school routine can be frustrating for kids and parents alike. But there’s no need for brown bag lunches to feel like an extra burden for busy families. Vivian Howard, the award-winning North Carolina chef and star of PBS’s “A Chef’s Life,” has her hands full. In the midst of writing her second book, opening a third restaurant, and launching a new PBS series, she’s also a mom with a set of twins who will be second graders when school resumes this fall.

Pack A Clean Conscience Blog

Pack A Clean Conscience This Back-to-School Season

September 04, 2018

For more than 30 years, Applegate has been helping families pack a clean conscience for lunch by offering clean, crave-able (and convenient!) food, like our natural and organic deli meats, that are sourced from humanely-raised animals that are never administered antibiotics.

Nat & Og Deli

Carrageenan Update – New Pre-sliced Applegate Naturals® Poultry Deli Meat Features Better Taste and Texture

November 05, 2018

This summer we revealed big news about our Applegate Organics® pre-sliced deli line- a new peel & reseal packaging and a carrageenan-free formulation. Now, we are excited to announce that our Applegate Naturals® pre-sliced deli line has also fully transitioned.

Mi Lb Slider

Batter Up for a Clean “Home” Plate as Applegate Teams Up with Minor League Baseball

April 03, 2019

Applegate will be bringing its all-star lineup of classic ballpark fare to more than 25 stadiums this summer as “Official Natural and Organic Meat of Minor League Baseball™ (MiLB™).” Cleaner versions of summertime classics, including THE CLEANER WIENER™ -- APPLEGATE NATURALS® Beef Hot Dog -- and THE GREAT ORGANIC BLEND BURGER™ BEEF BURGER, will be offered at concession stands so families can choose Better Flippin’ Meat while enjoying America’s pastime.

Whole30 Recipe

Sweet Potato Toast & Deli Meat: 5 Ways

August 05, 2019

Whether you’re gluten-free, taking a hiatus from bread, meal planning for Whole30®, looking to breathe new life into your avocado toast obsession, or have an extra sweet potato laying around that you don’t know what to do with… we’ve got a solution (or five) for you! Here are five sweet potato toast recipes topped with our turkey deli meat. Share how you like to mix and match “toast” toppings, at home, using APPLEGATE® products.

Cobb Club Sandwich With Applegate Deli

Battle Lunchtime Boredom with our Ultimate Sandwich Recipes

August 27, 2019

Despite an endless amount of sandwich possibilities, many people make the same sandwich over and over again. And then, there are those who still haven’t found their ultimate sandwich. According to a recent survey conducted by Applegate: • 70 percent of parents are looking for new and easy sandwich recipes • 10 percent of parents say there’s no such thing as a great sandwich • 15% of parents blame their lack of lunch inspiration on not having enough time to make their children’s lunches

Applegatarian Hero

Go Applegatarian!

February 04, 2020

The 'Go Applegatarian' movement is an extension of our brand's mission- Changing The Meat We Eat®- and we couldn't be more excited to launch it!

Well Carved Slider 1

Environmental Impact and Nutrition Information for Applegate® Well Carved™ Products

March 26, 2020

At Applegate, we care about your health—and the planet’s. That's why we offer full, transparent nutritional information and commissioned an independent, third-party analysis of the environmental impact of the Applegate® Well Carved™ Organic Grass Fed Beef Burger.

Blog Title

How Long to Freeze Food

April 13, 2020

Freezing is a great way to preserve food. To help you enjoy quality tasting food in the future, we put together some tips and recommendations on freezing some of our favorite products.

Well Carved Slider 1

Applegate Unveils WELL CARVED™ Product Line to Cater To Conscientious Carnivores

April 20, 2020

New line of blended burgers and meatballs let consumers have their meat and veggies, too.

We're Here 1500x609

Applegate At Home

April 22, 2020

We're here for you.

New Hire Blog2

Hiring For Change

April 29, 2020

Change doesn’t just happen. It requires great leadership. That’s why Applegate®, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand, is proud to have added three experienced and progressive leaders to our team.

We're Here 1500x609

Mission Continues with COVID-19

May 06, 2020

Since 1987, Applegate has been on a mission: Changing The Meat We Eat.® With the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), putting unprecedented demands on the food system, that mission is more important now than ever. Applegate is paying close attention to the situation, and we’re working with partners – from farmers to warehouse distributors – to take extra measures that put safety first during this challenging time. Our team is working around the clock on precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and minimize disruptions in getting you the high-quality natural and organic meats you expect from Applegate.

Final Racial Equity Blog

We’re listening. We're learning. We’re taking action.

July 01, 2020

In recent weeks, Applegate has been reflecting on what we can do, as a company, to improve racial equity and make a meaningful, lasting impact both inside our company and externally. Today, we’re ready to start the work we hope will make a difference.

Mission Matters

Mission Matters: Michelle Hughes

November 09, 2020

Meet Michelle Hughes, equity and organizational change manager at the National Young Farmers Coalition. Michelle joined the coalition to help farmers like herself to get their start in a system that by and large excludes them. Michelle gave us a primer on the challenges that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) farmers face and what we all can do to make a difference.

John G

Mission Matters: John Ghingo

November 10, 2020

Meet John Ghingo, president of Applegate, meat-lover, changemaker. John joined Applegate in 2018 and since then has been leading the charge to keep meat on the table. Find out why—and how—below:

Lance Price

Mission Matters: Lance Price

November 10, 2020

Meet Lance Price, professor at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and the founding director of GW’s Antibiotic Resistance Action Center. Dr. Price works at the interface between science and policy. We caught up with him to get the latest on the crisis of antibiotic resistance.

Diana R

Mission Matters: Diana Rodgers

November 25, 2020

Meet Diana Rodgers, co-author of the new book Sacred Cow, which makes a powerful case that good meat is good for your health and the environment. Which is just what you need to tackle the hard conversations at this year’s holiday table.

Mission Matters Jessica

Mission Matters: Jessica Shade

December 11, 2020

Meet Jessica Shade, director of science programs at the Organic Center. Her research focuses on the benefits of organic food and farming. We got the scoop.

Mission Matters Nancy

Mission Matters: Nancy Roulston

December 11, 2020

Meet Nancy Roulston, senior director of corporate policy and animal science at ASPCA where she works with companies to improve the lives of livestock animals. We asked Nancy to highlight some key efforts helping animals, and what we as individuals can do to help.

mission matter melissa urban

Mission Matters: Melissa Urban

December 30, 2020

You’re probably familiar with Melissa Urban, co-founder and CEO of the Whole30 program, Applegate partner and a six-time New York Times bestselling author. But we couldn't think of anyone better to ask for healthy eating advice. Here are Melissa’s tips for eating well in 2021.

mission matters jamie ager

Mission Matters: Jamie Ager

December 30, 2020

Meet Jamie Ager, a fourth-generation farmer in North Carolina. Jamie's company, Hickory Nut Gap Meat, brings together local ranchers who are committed to holistic grazing practices. Jamie gave us the scoop on how these practices benefit the animals and the land—and create the tastiest, juiciest pork for the new line of sausages from THE NEW FOOD COLLECTIVE™ by Applegate.

mission matters andrew gunther

Mission Matters: Andrew Gunther

December 30, 2020

Meet Andrew Gunther, executive director of A Greener World (AGW), a non-profit organization that promotes and supports ultra-sustainable livestock farming and the force behind AGW’s Animal Welfare Approved, the "gold standard" certification for pastured meat. Andrew gave us the scoop on the buzz around regenerative farming and how hogs (ie, your bacon) can be part of a healthy system.

mission matters nicolette niman

Mission Matters: Nicolette Niman

December 30, 2020

Meet Nicolette Niman, a lawyer who for more than three decades was a vegetarian and the most eloquent American defenders of ethical meat. Huh, you say? The evidence is on her side. In her book, Defending Beef--new edition out spring 2021--she shows how foods from cattle―milk and meat, particularly when raised entirely on grass―are healthful, nutritious and an irreplaceable part of the world’s food system.

Mm Michelle Thomas

Mission Matters: Michelle Thomas

February 15, 2021

Meet Michelle Thomas, whose role is setting and enforcing Applegate’s high standards for health and animal welfare. Dr. Thomas chatted with us about how she got her start and her vision of the future.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Rhyne Cureton Blog

Mission Matters: Rhyne Cureton

February 22, 2021

Meet Rhyne Cureton, aka @pork.rhyne. (Best. Handle. Ever.) We met Rhyne through the Young Farmers Coalition and were fascinated to learn about his work.

Mm Sydney

Mission Matters: Sydney Riess

February 22, 2021

Meet Sydney Riess, who works on U.S. PIRG’s Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics Campaign. The organization focuses on state laws to reduce antibiotics and also pressures companies to ban irresponsible use. Here’s the scoop.

Gf Blog 1500x609

Working Together for Better Food Allergy Safety

February 26, 2021

For food allergy families across the globe, there is nothing quite as important as trust. Applegate recognizes that our brand is built on the trust of our loyal customers – especially those in the food allergy community. In fact, at Applegate headquarters we feature letters from families who live with food allergies and rely on Applegate for our commitment to high quality and stringent safety standards. That’s why when Applegate was contacted on December 14, 2020 by a consumer whose son had a severe allergic reaction after eating APPLEGATE ORGANICS® Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with a “best before” date of 08/05/2021, we sprung into action.

Corwin Heatwole Blog Hero

Mission Matters: Corwin Heatwole

March 09, 2021

Meet Corwin Heatwole, founder of @FarmerFocus, an innovative chicken company and Applegate supplier. He gave us the scoop on how he's changing chicken farms for good.

Justin Levy Mission Matters

Mission Matters: Justin Levy

March 29, 2021

Meet Justin Levy, the executive director of Conscious Alliance, a food rescue organization that works with artists, musicians and companies like Applegate to deliver food that would otherwise go to waste to communities in need. The last year has been…busy: In last year, Applegate donated more than 260,000 meals. Justin took a quick break to give us the scoop.

Mm Stefan

Mission Matters: Stefan Oellinger

April 09, 2021

Meet Stefan Oellinger, Applegate’s senior director of raw supply and the man (literally) in charge of our efforts to change the meat we eat. Stefan gave us a quick explainer on why a more holistic agricultural system is key.

Mm Bobby Gill

Mission Matters: Bobby Gill

April 09, 2021

Meet Bobby Gill, director of development and communications at the @savoryinstitute, a nonprofit that works to facilitate the regeneration of the world's grasslands through holistic management. So who better to ask about animals' role in #regenerative agriculture? (Answer: No one.)

2021 Ag Mission Matters Bill Mudge Blog A

Mission Matters: Bill Mudge

April 12, 2021

Today, antibiotic-resistant bacteria kill 700,000 people worldwide. Unchecked, that number could grow to 10 million by 2050. But there is hope. Bill Mudge, director of the new (and fabulous!) documentary “Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?” gives us the scoop.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Mark Bittman Blog

Mission Matters: Mark Bittman

May 28, 2021

We need to rethink the way we raise livestock as antibiotic-resistant infections continue to be on the rise. If you don't know where to begin or want to dive deeper into this topic, we have just the thought-leader to help you out! Check out our interview with Mark Bittman as he gives us the details on fighting back these superbugs.

Superbugs Blog Image

Help squash superbugs! Antibiotic resistance is on the rise (again!)

June 02, 2021

For two years in a row, the number of antibiotics given to animals has jumped. Sales of medically important antibiotics climbed 11% between 2017 and 2019, according to recent FDA figures, with pork producers leading the charge. The numbers are moving in the wrong direction.

Pride Blogtext 1500x609

Get Your Applegate Pride Shirt

June 16, 2021

Applegate is proud to support The Trevor Project in their efforts to help LGBTQ youth in crisis.  To celebrate PRIDE Month we are donating $5,000 and would love it if you would join us in contributing to this important organization.

Mm Jac

Mission Matters: Jac Wypler

June 18, 2021

Meet Jac Wypler, who works for the National Young Farmers Coalition on the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network-Northeast (FRSAN-NE), a collaborative network that supports farmer mental health in the region. It's a big job. Jac gave us the scoop

Abx Blog Image 1

Squashing Superbugs: John Ghingo Re-ignites Conversation

June 24, 2021

On June 3, John Ghingo, Applegate’s president spoke to Food Tank’s Danielle Nierenberg about the looming global health crisis of antibiotic resistance. You can watch highlights of the interview or read some, edited for clarity, below. You can also join us in the fight against superbugs by signing our pledge and joining our email list for updates on antibiotic resistance news and policy actions.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Paul Greenberg Blog

Mission Matters: Paul Greenberg

July 09, 2021

Lots of us worry about climate change. But what can we little people really do about it? The answer is in Paul Greenberg’s “The Climate Diet,” a new book that offers 50 achievable ways to cut our individual carbon emissions. One big one: what we eat. Paul gave us the scoop.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Yichao Rui Blog

Mission Matters: Yichao Rui

August 04, 2021

Meet Yichao Rui, Research Director of the Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial, the longest-running comparison of organic and conventional agricultural systems in North America. Which makes Yichao the perfect person to quiz on the power of organic--and why healthy resilient soil is the foundation of good agriculture.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Judi Shils V1 Blog

Mission Matters: Judi Shils

August 30, 2021

Like many women, motherhood radically changed the way Judi Shils shopped and ate. But she wasn’t content only to make her life greener. She wanted to show others the way. Over the last 20 years, she built her organization, Turning Green, into a global platform to educate and empower students to advocate for climate justice, environmental sustainability and public health. Judi gave us the scoop on her latest initiative, Conscious Kitchen, which in partnership with companies including Applegate is bringing organic food to public schools.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Sangcheol Moon Blog

Mission Matters: Sangcheol Moon

September 13, 2021

Meet Sangcheol Moon, a PhD student at UC Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Moon recently joined Applegate in a research project to investigate the potential of a 100% carbon neutral hotdog. She gave us the scoop.

2021 Ag Mission Matters Don Holly Blog

Mission Matters: Don Holly

September 28, 2021

Meet Don Holly, a young farmer who raises horses and bees on his family’s ranch in East Texas. With a $5,000 grant from the National Young Farmers Coalition, Don plans to expand the farm to include cattle and fruit orchards. He spoke to us about the challenges and rewards of Farming While Black.

Dgd Blog 2000x650 1

Our Commitments and Contributions to Regenerative Agriculture

November 03, 2021

Regenerative agriculture is the latest buzzword in the meat industry—and for good reason. Holistic practices, especially holistic grazing of livestock, have the potential to slash methane emissions, enrich soil health, boost biodiversity, and even sequester carbon. There’s no time to waste.

2021 Asas Website Banner V3 1536x561

Nurturing Young Changemakers With After-School All-Stars

November 09, 2021

Creating changemakers means nurturing young game-changers. That’s why Applegate is proud to support After-School All-Stars (ASAS) —a national non-profit that’s one of the largest free school-based after-school program providers in the country. By delivering comprehensive, community-oriented programs to under-resourced students, ASAS helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and habits needed to succeed in life, school, and their future career. As part of their mission to level the playing field for underserved youth, ASAS aims to break cycles of inequality and close the opportunity gap by embedding Racial and Social Justice into their work.

Spread of a variety of Applegate products

The Benefits of Organic Meat

November 19, 2021

Organic food sales reached a record high in 2020 with the meat, poultry, and fish category seeing the second highest growth rate of nearly 25%. With a growing demand and interest in organic meat, The Organic Center released a report this year to showcase The Benefits of Organic Meat and help explain what "organic" meat means and why it's important.

Lance Price

Mission Matters Lance Price

November 19, 2021

Meet Lance Price, professor at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and the founding director of GW’s Antibiotic Resistance Action Center. Dr. Price works at the interface between science and policy. He gave us the 101 on antibiotic resistance and what all of us can do to help.

Three school age children wearing uniforms

Applegate Will Match Donations to After School All Stars*

November 30, 2021

One Small Act from You, One Huge Difference in a Child’s Life


Tips on Hosting Guests with Food Allergies During the Holiday Season

December 02, 2021

With 32 million Americans having food allergies, chances are you or someone you know has one. However, don’t let food allergies get in the way of your holiday celebrations! Here are some tips from our partners at Food Allergy Research & Education to help keep your celebrations safe.

A plate of food

A Taste of How it's Made...Prosciutto

December 08, 2021

You've seen it on a charcuterie board, in a sandwich, on a salad, and wrapped around fruit. But, beyond knowing how delicious it tastes (on its own or paired with cheeses and fruits), how much do you know about prosciutto?

A spread of dinks and meat

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets: Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration

December 08, 2021

Want to be the MVP of guests this holiday season? Learn how to create personalized DIY gift baskets. Explore themed gift basket ideas, tips on selecting items, and creative packaging techniques to make your gift truly special.

Anita Roach

Mission Matters: Anita Roach

December 10, 2021

Meet Anita Roach, the vice president for community and education at FARE, which works to improve the lives and heath of people with food allergies. Anita gave Applegate Farms the scoop on the steady rise in U.S. food allergies and what we can all do to make this a stress-free holiday season.

Glen Burrows  Ethical Butcher

Mission Matters: Glen Burrows

December 17, 2021

Meet Glen Burrows, cofounder of the U.K.’s Ethical Butcher. Glen was a vegetarian for more than 20 years but rediscovered meat (and his love of food) and dedicated himself to bringing the highest quality, ethical meat to British shoppers. Glen gave Mission Matters the scoop on his own journey to regeneratively sourced meat and his plans for a happy “Regenuary.”

Mission Matters Zach Angelini Senior Environmental Stewardship Manager, Timberland

Mission Matters: Zack Angelini

February 02, 2022

Meet Zack Angelini, leader of global product sustainability strategy at Timberland. Famous for its awesome, rugged boots, Timberland has long worked to source the most environmentally friendly materials. But leather was … tricky. Zack gave Mission Matters the scoop on how Timberland’s partnership with Applegate is helping the company to flip the story on leather, transforming it into one of its most environmentally beneficial materials.

bacon or chicken tenders in an Air Fryer

Try Your Bacon or Chicken Tenders in an Air Fryer

February 09, 2022

Yes, you can make bacon or chicken tenders in an air fryer. Air Fryers are the “it” appliance of the moment. Americans are using them to make, well, everything, from French fries (of course) to bacon, chicken tenders—even cheesecake! Whether you’re already an air fryer obsessive or still on the fence about adding another appliance to your kitchen, read on!

Sophie Ackoff

Mission Matters: Sophie Ackoff

March 01, 2022

Meet Sophie Ackoff, co-executive director of the National Young Farmers Coalition. Sophie is spearheading the effort to address a looming crisis: the aging out of America’s farmers. Today, the average age of the U.S. farmer is nearly 60 years old, and farmers over 65 outnumber farmers under 35 by more than six to one. Sophie gave Mission Matters the scoop on what the Young Farmers’ Coalition is doing to support a new generation of farmers—and what you can do to help.

The Benefits Of Og Meat 1500x609.Jpg


March 02, 2022

Applegate offers 100+ natural and organic products across 12 categories including hot dogs, burgers, bacon, deli meats, breaded chicken and more! All our products are made with real, clean ingredients and Applegate humanely raised meat with no antibiotics ever. We are committed to looking at the best ways to produce meat smartly and sustainably, which includes developing a holistic system that connects the health of humans, animals and planet.

Deli Hero 1500x609

A Taste of How it's Made...Bulk Deli Meat

March 07, 2022

At Applegate, we don’t cut corners when creating our deli meat products. We use traditional cooking methods, like real natural hardwood smoking, and we take the time to delicately hand-stuff our bulk deli hams. Have you ever wondered how our APPLEGATE® deli products have that delicious, natural taste? We’re here to give you a peek into how we make our bulk deli items, as well as confirm that all our deli meat is 100% all-natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients) and made with Applegate humanely raised meat with no antibiotics ever.

Timberland Hero 1500x609

What Do Hot Dogs and Boots Have In Common?

March 07, 2022

We’ve all come to learn how hard it can be to really connect with people via virtual platforms. Nevertheless, at the virtual 2020 Regenerative Earth Summit, Gina Asoudegan, Applegate’s vice president of mission and regenerative agriculture, managed to make an impression. After hearing her speak on regenerative leadership and strategy, Timberland’s Zachary Angelini reached out to chat. The conversations would lead to one of the most innovative and promising collaborations in the nascent market for regenerative meat.

Dogs And Burgers Hero 1500x609 (1)

Hot Dogs and Burgers That Do Good

March 07, 2022

Last fall, Applegate unveiled its first item in a product line built around regenerative sourcing—The DO GOOD DOG™hot dog. It was the first nationally available hot dog made with beef raised on verified regenerative U.S. grasslands* and the company’s latest evolution of the humble hot dog. Now, Applegate is excited to add another updated version of an American classic to its DO GOOD™ product line— The DO GOOD BURGER™ beef burger.

Og Genoa Bites Hero 1500x609

Meet our NEW APPLEGATE ORGANICS® Genoa Salami Bites!

March 07, 2022

These bites are perfectly portable, but equally enjoyable for those snacking at home. And while our Genoa Salami Bites are a delicious source of protein on their own (7g protein per serving), we decided to team up with some of our favorite brands to show how you can level up your snack game in 10 minutes or less. These tasty snack combos can even meet the needs of those with specific dietary needs.

Blog Image 1500x609

Regenerative Agriculture 101

March 08, 2022

What is Regenerative Agriculture? The term regenerative agriculture is believed to have been coined in the 1980s by Robert Rodale to describe a holistic system of farming that goes beyond sustainable and encourages continuous innovation and improvement. More recently, the term was promoted and taken mainstream by Allan Savory, the founder of the Savory Institute, who created a system of holistic management that mimics the ways wild herds of animals move to rebuild soil. Today, there is no one definition for regenerative agriculture, but there is widespread agreement on the type of practices used in regenerative farming.

Gina Asoudegan Regenerative Agriculture

Mission Matters: Gina Asoudegan

April 20, 2022

Meet Gina Asoudegan, vice president of mission and regenerative agriculture at Applegate. Gina is spearheading the company’s push toward regenerative practices, which she sees as a way to satisfy conscientious carnivores who want to have their meat—and save the planet, too. Gina explains why regenerative is a natural fit for Applegate and how it offers real hope to meat lovers who care about the environment.

Mission Matters Finian Makepeace Co-founder of Kiss the ground

Mission Matters: Finian Makepeace

June 21, 2022

Meet Finian Makepeace, the co-founder, policy director and lead educator of the advocacy group, Kiss the Ground. Finian is one of the leaders of the regenerative agriculture movement and is helping to spearhead its Regenerate America campaign, which aims to get Congress to support regenerative farming in the next Farm Bill. Finian gave us the scoop on why he thinks regenerative agriculture is inspiring so many people and how each of us can get involved.

Do Good Dog Hot Dog Cart Pilot Program 1


July 13, 2022

Do you own a hot dog cart in America? If so, what if we told you we could help your cart become more energy efficient and simultaneously reduce air pollution, emissions and noise pollution?

Balanced Bento Boxes

Balanced Bento Boxes

August 08, 2022

Convenient, crave-able and creative… the three C’s to making a successful bento box meal. A bento box offers you the ability to pack nutritious ingredients from different food groups in a fun and enticing way. Check out these bento box ideas created by registered dietitians using some of our favorite APPLEGATE® products.

Hickory Nut Gap 1500x609c

Mission Matters: Jamie Ager

September 06, 2022

Jamie Ager is a fourth-generation farmer at Hickory Nut Gap in Fairview, North Carolina. Over the last 20 years, in partnership with his wife Amy, Jamie has transformed the farm into a model for regenerative farms everywhere. Mission Matters talked with Jamie about his farm and his work with Applegate to create the DoGoodDog ™.

Meal Prep2 1500x609

Practical Meal Prep Ideas

September 09, 2022

Spending an hour or two on ingredient prep on Sunday afternoon can really make meal time so much easier throughout the week. A fridge full of neatly organized chopped and par-cooked ingredients means more time to sit down and enjoy the meal you made as opposed to all the time prepping and cooking it. Here are some great ways to set yourself up for success.

Whole30 Hero 1500x609

Whole30® Explained

September 09, 2022

We all want to eat healthier, but figuring out what does and doesn't work for your unique context can be confusing, time-consuming and overwhelming. That's why Melissa Urban co-founded the Whole30®program, creating a short-term, structured dietary self-experiment to help you quickly and effectively personalize a better-for-you eating plan that is based on your individual needs.

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In the Kitchen: Monica Plawecki

November 30, 2022

Full-time social media specialist, part-time food photographer, and baking enthusiast born and raised in Michigan, but now resides in Denver, Colorado.

Bacon Hero 1500x609

A Taste of How it's Made...Bacon

November 30, 2022

When planning a meal, finding the perfect ingredients, cut of meat, and cooking method will play a huge role in how your dish turns out. This also applies to the creation of one of America's household staples: bacon. Whether you enjoy traditional pork bacon or a leaner turkey bacon, APPLEGATE® has an option for you!

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Meet an Applegatarian! John King

November 30, 2022

In the spring of 2004, a poultry giant announced that it would close its processing plant in Virginia. Its end, many feared, would also spell the end of poultry farming in the Shenandoah Valley, a region that just some two decades earlier had been the turkey capital of the United States. John King was called in to try to save it.

Meet Feel Good Pro Melissa Urban   Pro Tips For Staying In A Feel Good Mindset

Meet "Feel Good" Pro Melissa Urban

January 05, 2023

We asked each of our "Feel Good" Pros what helps them stay in a "feel good" mindset. Here's what Whole30 Co-founder and CEO Melissa Urban had to share!

Meet Feel Good Pro Alex Toussaint

Meet "Feel Good" Pro Alex Toussaint

February 02, 2023

We asked each of our "Feel Good" Pros what helps them stay in a "feel good" mindset. Here's what Peloton instructor and Do Better Founder Alex Toussaint had to share!

Meet Applegate Feel Good Pro Tiffani Thiessen

Meet "Feel Good" Pro Tiffani Thiessen

February 13, 2023

We asked each of our "Feel Good" Pros what helps them stay in a "feel good" mindset. Here's what Cookbook Author and Actress Tiffani Thiessen had to share!

Yes It's Real, Meat

Let's Get Real: Real Meat is Here to Stay

March 02, 2023

It's time to push past the fakes and the sensationalized headlines to focus on what shoppers actually crave-real, quality meat.

In The Kitchen With Jacob Kim

In The Kitchen: Jacob Kim

March 02, 2023

Get to know Jacob Kim, Applegate Research and Development Manager, who's also a culinary school graduate, runner, beer brewer, BBQ enthusiast, and amateur photographer. Discover his favorite kitchen tool, top spices, favorite cookbook, celeb chef, and more through a Q&A where he shares insights about his cooking style, preferences, and tips.

Poultry Breakfast Sausage

A Taste of How It's Made... Poultry Breakfast Sausage

March 02, 2023

We've noticed a shift in demand towards poultry breakfast sausages, and we think we know why!

In The Kitchen Janet Jenkins

In The Kitchen: Janet Jenkins

June 01, 2023

Janet Jenkins, the Creative Director of Applegate, shares her love for Mexican food, gardening, and keeping meals fresh and simple. She enjoys cooking with her kids, believes in the power of fresh ingredients, and finds joy in both restaurant meals and leftovers. Janet's favorite kitchen tool is a well-sharpened knife, she prefers savory over sweet, and likes to listen to music while cooking.

A Taste Of How It’s Made... Dinner Sausage

A Taste of How It’s Made... Dinner Sausage

June 01, 2023

Discover the convenience and delectable flavors of APPLEGATE ORGANICS® Chicken Dinner Sausages. These fully cooked sausages require no thawing and can be effortlessly cooked in a pan or on a grill, allowing you to savor a restaurant-quality meal with minimal effort.

Meet an Applegatarian! Robert Earl

Meet an Applegatarian! Robert Earl

June 01, 2023

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the food-allergy advocacy group FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education)

Poultry Welfare

Coming Soon: A New RoadMap for Poultry Welfare

June 16, 2023

Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from and how it was produced. Which is pretty great from our point of view. For more than 30 years, Applegate has been dedicated to improving and improving transparency in animal welfare. It’s part of our mission: Changing The Meat We Eat®.

Only The Best Beef Applegate

Only The Best Beef … For Everyone

August 31, 2023

Discover how Applegate is transforming the meat industry by making grass-fed and regeneratively raised beef accessible for all. Learn about their journey, challenges, and partnerships that are changing the way we eat beef.

Applegate - A New Roadmap for Poultry Welfare

A New Roadmap for Poultry Welfare

October 13, 2023

We announced our support of the Better Chicken Commitment in 2016, and have already made much progress. Here is the detailed roadmap we intend to follow. Because we are committed to transparency, we will publicly report annual progress and adjust this roadmap as needed based on that progress.

Back To Routine Charity Luncheon

Applegate & Do Better Foundation: Back To Routine Luncheon

November 13, 2023

We get it, getting back into a fall routine can be a handful, especially when it comes to figuring out what to prepare for lunch each day. That's why we like to make Back to Routine as easy as ABC! To help provide some lunch time inspiration, we held a Back to Routine luncheon hosted by Peloton instructor and Applegate Feel Good Pro, Alex Toussaint!

In The Kitchen With Carrie Raymond

In The Kitchen: Carrie Raymond

November 14, 2023

Meet Carrie Raymond, Applegate's Senior Research and Development Manager, sharing her culinary journey and beloved recipes in The Applegatarian's Holiday 2023 issue.

Earth Day Blog

Glassworks Instructions

May 06, 2024

Instructions for Glass Works. Please enjoy this video.