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Applegate & Do Better Foundation: Back To Routine Luncheon

Back To Routine Charity Luncheon

We get it, getting back into a fall routine can be a handful, especially when it comes to figuring out what to prepare for lunch each day. That's why we like to make Back to Routine as easy as ABC! 


To help provide some lunch time inspiration, we held a Back to Routine luncheon hosted by Peloton instructor and Applegate Feel Good Pro, Alex Toussaint! The Back to Routine Luncheon was attended by over 40 editors, influencers, and registered dietitians, who enjoyed Applegate lunchtime favorites like Oven Roasted Turkey, Genoa Salami, and Frittata Bites paired with veggies and sauces for a well-rounded lunch. 


Attendees also helped pack 100 backpacks with school supplies for NY Common Pantry, an organization working to help reduce hunger and food insecurity. Each backpack was filled with folders, pencils, notebooks, and an inspiring note for each student. NY Common Pantry is helping make a difference in communities through an array of programs like the distribution of fresh food at pantries. Providing craveable lunchtime meals for everyone is part of Applegate's mission -Changing The Meat We Eat® - which is why we also donated an assortment of products to NY Common Pantry. 


The event garnered over 90 social placements including lnstagram in-feed and story posts resulting in over 6.4M impressions and 400K views. Whether you are making lunch for yourself, family, or friends with over 70+ products there is sure to be a perfect lunch combination. 





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