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In The Kitchen: Janet Jenkins

In The Kitchen Janet Jenkins


APPLEGATE® Creative Director

I grew up in Southern California, therefore, Mexican food is my comfort food. I live in New Jersey with my husband, two daughters, one dog, and a gecko.

I love gardening, but I live in an urban area outside of New York City. My outdoor space consists of a balcony. Every summer I grow a small garden of and herbs, and my kids jokingly say that I’m outside harvesting “balcony basil” before we make fresh pesto.

Janet Jenkins

Tell us a bit about yourself in the kitchen.

Before I had kids, I was a restaurant-going, leftover-loving, whatever was the easiest in the kitchen kind of non-cook. Now, feeding a family of four, I have become interested in keeping our food healthy and varied, I have learned that it’s all about the freshness of the ingredients, and I like to keep it simple and delicious. Having said all of that, I still enjoy a good restaurant meal, and you can’t beat leftovers!

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

A well-sharpened knife

Favorite weeknight / weekend recipe?


Favorite person to cook with?

My kids (and sometimes, their friends)

Do you have to have something sweet after eating something savory?


Pesto Ingredients

Do you eat leftovers?


Is your pet allowed in the kitchen, and does he receive food scraps?

Yes, Rupert loves broccoli stalks

Number one rule in the kitchen?

Keep it simple

Favorite drink while cooking?

Red wine

Do you clean up at the end or while you cook?

A little bit while cooking, a lot afterwards.


Rapid Fire

Sweet or savory?


Lemon or lime?


Music or no music?


Recipe follower or improviser?


Apron or no apron?

No apron


Skinless or skin-on?


White meat or dark meat?

White meat

Meal prep or wing it?

Wing it

Baking or Cooking?




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