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Meet "Feel Good" Pro Tiffani Thiessen

Meet Applegate Feel Good Pro Tiffani Thiessen

We asked each of our "Feel Good" Pros what helps them stay in a "feel good" mindset. Here's what Cookbook Author and Actress Tiffani Thiessen had to share!

A Balanced Body:

It's important to always try and eat a balanced diet as well as exercise often for a healthy body. What you put into your body and how you treat it is so important especially when you have children watching closely like I do. I want to show my two kids how to respect and love the bodies we were given.

A Balanced Mind:

You can do many things for your body to stay healthy, but if your mind, isn’t there, then all else will fail. That’s why taking time for myself or surrounding myself with people that bring me joy is truly the most important thing I can do for my mental health.

A Balanced Schedule:

I feel like we all can relate to feeling overloaded with a busy schedule. From work requirements, daily errands and appointments, a house to run and a family to raise…where does the day go? That’s why I always try to schedule “down-time" for myself and my family. The simple act of doing nothing can give you the recharge we can all use.

Meet Our Feel Good Pros Applegate

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