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The Bacon Lover’s Basket

Bacon Gift Basket Blog

This is the gift for those who love bacon above all else.


Round out this basket for the bacon aficionado in your life with:

  • A fluffy tea towel 
  • A pig-shaped cutting board 

BONUS POINTS: Take the bacon theme even further and include a selection of homemade candied bacon. We especially like: 

PREMIUM UPGRADES: Our favorite way to cook bacon is in the oven—it’s a great way to multitask while you’re flipping pancakes on the stove. 

  • A heavy stainless steel rimmed baking sheet gets the job done easily and is a gift that will get used almost daily.
Kate Winslow

Kate Winslow

Kate Winslow is the author of Onions Etcetera: The Essential Allium Cookbook (Burgess Lea Press, 2017), as well as the co-author of The Agricola Cookbook and Coming Home to Sicily. A former editor at Gourmet magazine, Kate currently works with her husband Guy Ambrosino, a photographer, to test, develop and photograph recipes for cookbooks, magazines and, most fun of all, Applegate! Kate and Guy live along the Delaware River in New Jersey with their 12-year-old son, yellow lab and six chickens. Their work can be seen at

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