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Conquering The Picky Eater

Picky Eater
Pre-children, my husband and I used to stare in horror at the child in the restaurant fighting their parents with every ounce of passion to avoid the piece of broccoli being pushed in their face. You know, the one screaming at the top of their lungs as if the green tree-like veggie was going to take every ounce of their soul away from them? Then you watch in judgment as the parents give in to chips and queso. I would say to my husband, “That will never be us. We will raise our children right—because we’re that awesome!”

Fast forward five years, and uh…yeah, where the heck is the queso? We’ve all been there because we all want the very best for our children, and at the top of that list is nutrition. It is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, important for early development and it’s one of the few things we can actually control. So what happens when you discover you have a picky eater? Well, hold on tight because you are in for a bumpy ride.

First, studies suggest introducing a large variety of fresh foods from the start. Introducing your child to whole foods can dramatically reduce the chance of having a picky eater later in life. Another tip is color. A colorful plate is an intriguing plate and creativity is your friend. Food on sticks, pancakes shaped as animals, healthy food disguised as fast food—remember your childhood favorites and go wild.

And above all, never give up on the picky eater. Be strong, and in the end your child will thank you for it. It is a tough job being a parent--tougher than being the president, in my opinion--but if you can stick to your beliefs the reward is well worth it.

Meredith Steele

Meredith Steele

Meredith Steele is the author of, a family food blog celebrating whole and natural foods. An ex-graphic designer specializing in print media, Meredith left the advertising world after her daughter was born prematurely to care for her. Wanting to give her family the best, she turned to her love of cooking and created a blog to share her whole food recipes derived from her passion for food and to have a laugh here and there. Meredith is not only a mom but also a professional recipe developer and food blogger all while wearing her sock monkey slippers.

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