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7 Smart Phone Apps with Healthy, Green Themes for Kids

Apps For Kids

1. Rhythmatics

With Rhythmatics soon to be released smart phone app your child will learn new, fun stretches, test their personal mental focus and reactions, match musical rhythms with footwork, then, cool down with helpful performance feedback. Rhythmatics has been called the Guitar Hero for running – your child can walk, jog or run in pace with the beat of the music, matching each step on time. + Rhythmatics + Available Soon for Android

2. Awesome Eats

When your child plays Awesome Eats, they will stack and sort fruits, vegetables and whole grains across funky contraptions to win stars and score points! This game is packed with healthy eating tips throughout, making it not only fun, but teaching them along the way and it may just get them excited and hungry for more fruits and vegetables. + Awesome Eats + Available on iTunes $FREE

3. I Am Love: Kids' Yoga Journey 

This children’s yoga app was created to help children feel great about themselves. It is packed with animated poses, teaching children how to perform each pose. When your child pushes the breath affirmations button on each page, they will hear a special message. There is also a Guess What? button that your child can press to learn an amazing new fact. But that's not all, I Am Love also empowers children through strength, fitness, color recognition and animals as well as cultural values our world over. + I Am Love: Kids’ Yoga Journey + Available on iTunes $1.99

4. Food Heroes

Food Heroes takes you children on a quest for better nutrition. Full of fun facts about food that will help to make them smarter eaters. There are also fun games that will increase their matching skills and even a fun coloring book. The nutrition trivia and words puzzles are a great added bonus. + Food Heroes + Available on iTunes $1.99

5. FitQuest

Looking for a fun app that incorporates exercise adventure and good for your health fun? Look no further than FitQuest. Powered by your child’s own natural movements, hopping and jogging becomes great fun on rainy days, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or before boarding a plane. Not only is this app great for your child’s fitness and health, it is super fun to watch them bouncing around as they play. + FitQuest + Available on iTunes $FREE

6. GeoPalz

Pedometers are a fun way for kids to keep track of their fitness activity. The GeoPalz App makes it easy for your child to track and log their steps to win free prizes. The prizes range from Target and iTunes gift cards to hacky sacks and Frisbees. GeoPalz can also be used for groups such as schools, fund raisers, families and teams – it’s a great way to keep kids active. + GeoPalz + Available on iTunes $FREE

7. Family Cart

Getting your children to learn the benefits of the foods they eat and encouraging them to make better choices at the grocery store is fun with the Family Cart app. Family Cart will also keep your child engaged in the grocery shopping process. For example, if you place an apple in your shopping cart, your child can select an apple and the app will show that this fruit is good for their heart and has Vitamin C, along with other fun facts. It’s a great way to incorporate your child into the grocery shopping routine, bonding with them along the way. + Food Cart + Available on iTunes $FREE What are your child’s favorite healthy and green theme apps?

Jennie Lyon

Jennie Lyon

Jennie Lyon is a green lifestyle writer and founder of Sweet Greens a blog which focuses on simple, fun ways for families to go green together. She is also a green lifestyle writer for Inhabitots, Cascadian Farm and is the founder of Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services. She lives on the treasure coast of Florida with her fantastic husband, amazing eleven year old son, an adorable Pug. When she isn’t writing about all things green, she enjoys paddleboarding, sailing, traveling, photography, family hikes and the beach. You can also find Jennie on Sweet Greens Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter @SweetGreens. 

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