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Our standard is simple: No antibiotics, ever.

Animals deserve to be handled with care and respect.

Are GMO ingredients good or bad? The jury is out, so we took them out.

This is Ted

You don't know Ted, but he's definitely a real person. You also don't know that Ted is an Applegatarian... but now you do. So why don't you just click play and let Ted tell you a little bit about what it means to live the Applegatarian lifestyle.

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What's An Applegatarian?

You're not a chest-pounding ME WANT MEAT kind of carnivore. You're more like a carnivore with a conscience. You care about your body, and the animals, and the planet that you and those animals call home. It's time to embrace this lifestyle and Go Applegatarian.




1. A person who consciously chooses clean, craveable meat for ethical*, environmentally responsible** and delicious reasons.

Am I An Applegatarian?

Applegatarians are out there and they don't even know it. Here's a little something to help you decide if you too are an Applegatarian.