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This is Ted

You don't know Ted, but he's definitely a real person. You also don't know that Ted is an Applegatarian... but now you do. So why don't you just click play and let Ted tell you a little bit about what it means to live the Applegatarian lifestyle.

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What's An Applegatarian?

You're not a chest-pounding ME WANT MEAT kind of carnivore. You're more like a carnivore with a conscience. You care about your body, and the animals, and the planet that you and those animals call home. It's time to embrace this lifestyle and Go Applegatarian.




1. A person who consciously chooses clean, craveable meat for ethical*, environmentally responsible** and delicious reasons.

Am I An Applegatarian?

Applegatarians are out there and they don't even know it. Here's a little something to help you decide if you too are an Applegatarian.