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Spicy Bacon Final
If you like a little spice with your sweet, you’ll love these candied bacon strips from chef Ian Knauer of The Farm Cooking School. They’re as good as an after-dinner treat as they are at the brunch table. Makes about 8 pieces
Spicy Guac Recipe
A double hit of heat—fresh jalapeño and a bit of cayenne sprinkled on the bacon as it bakes—really brings this guac to life. Making homemade oven-baked chips takes only a few minutes, but you can substitute bagged chips if you like. Makes about 2 cups
Popcorn Recipe
Ditch the candy bars and make this easy old-fashioned snack to hand out at Halloween. Crisp nuggets of candied bacon add a sweet-salty hit to every bite. The candy syrup hardens as it cools, so be prepared to work quickly when shaping the balls. Makes 12–14 popcorn balls
Pizza Recipe
Creepy bloodshot eyeballs…or easiest, tastiest snack ever? Maybe they’re both! These little pizzas take just seconds to assemble and will keep your little trick-or-treaters going strong for hours. Serves 4 to 8
Pecan Bars Recipe
Candied bacon adds a spiced and salty surprise to these chewy, nutty bites. They’re incredibly easy to make (and to eat!). Makes 48 bars
Bacon Jam Recipe
Homemade bacon jam is delicious served with cheese and dried fruit, tucked into a grilled cheese sandwich, smeared on burgers, really on just about anything! This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled to make bigger batches for gift giving. Makes about 5 (4-ounce) jars
Mac & Cheese Recipe
The magic of mac and cheese, perfectly bite-sized. And with bacon! Best of all, these savory little appetizers can be made fully ahead, frozen and reheated just before serving. Makes 48 appetizers
Pinwheels Recipe
Having a stash of these pinwheels in the freezer makes last-minute entertaining a breeze. We like to serve these on a cheeseboard with a small pot of fig jam—the figgy sweetness goes so nicely with the savory salami. It’s worth seeking out all-butter puff pastry, which offers a much better flavor...
Bacon Pineapple Recipe
Chef Vivian Howard from “A Chef’s Life” shares her bacon-wrapped present. Sweet and tangy meets salty and smoky, completed with a touch of heat and an herbal note. This is one gift you’ll definitely want to receive! Makes about 18 pieces
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Taquitos Recipe
Everyone loves fried taquitos, but you can achieve a similar crunch by brushing the tortillas with olive oil and simply baking them. Easy to make and very easy to eat! Don’t worry if your tortillas split a bit as you roll them—they will still hold together and those flyaway bits will become extra...
Pizza Recipe1
Having a stash of these cheesy homemade pizza bites in the freezer means there’s always a wholesome after-school snack at the ready. Or serve them while you watch the big game. Really, these nostalgic little poppers will make the big guys, the little guys and everyone in between very happy. Makes...