Applegate in the News


Bloomberg - July 2016. How Do You Make Meat GMO Free When Most U.S. Feed Isn’t? Applegate wants to get a step closer to nature—only nature isn’t easy to find. read more


Grub Street - May 2016. Broadway’s Megan Hilty Eats Her First Proper Dinner at Sardi’s read more


Eat This, Not That! - April 2016. BEST & WORST EVERY FROZEN CHICKEN NUGGET—RANKED! read more


Hungry Girl - March 2016. Healthy Foil-Pack Recipes: Chicken Sausage 'n Spiralized Veggies, Caprese Stuffed Chicken read more


People - January 2016. Want a Bite? Also at Sundance on Friday, Elijah Wood has some fun with photographers at the Applegate Reel Food Cafe at the Los Angeles Times photo/video studio. read more


U.S. News & World Report - December 2015. U.S. News & World Report's "50 Best Healthy Snacks" lists Applegate Chicken and Maple Breakfast Sausage. read more


Variety - December 2015. Applegate's "Mooscles" commercial was featured as an honorable mention in Variety's "Best and Worst Ads of 2015." read more


Yahoo News - December 2015. Yahoo News' "30 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30" lists Applegate Natural Good Morning Bacon as a healthy alternative. read more


The News Herald - November 2015. Food for thought: Applegate deli meats were featured as a healthy alternative to proccessed lunch meats. read more


People - November 2015. Celeb trainer, Harley Pasternak, recommends Applegate Bacon as a healthy alternative to processed meats. read more


NBC - South Florida - October 2015. Carissa Bealert recommended Applegate products as a healthy alternative for tailgating. read more


Organic Life - October 2015. Rodale's Organic Life recommended Applegate Bacon because it is natural and doesn't use beta-agonists. read more


Civil Eats - September 2015. Civil Eats noted that Applegate is backing GMO labeling campaign: "JustLabelIt." read more


Yahoo Health - August 2015. Yahoo Health's "9 Healthy Foods Doctors Want Banned" lists Applegate Deli Meats as a healthy alternative. read more


Men's Journal - July 2015. "The Five Best Hot Dogs You Can Buy" featuring Applegate's The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog. read more


Huffington Post - July 2015. "An Organic Guide to Grilling" featuring Applegate Hot Dogs. read more


Eat This Not That - June 2015. "Lose Weight Fast with These Picnic Foods" featuring Applgate Grilled Chicken Breast Strips. read more


Side Dish Magazine - May 2015. Applegate Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dogs were featured during Taste Test Thursday! read more


Prevention - April 2015. Prevention gave Applegate Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs their stamp of approval. read more


Thrillist - April 2015. "The 13 Best Bacon Dishes in LA" featuring Applegate Bacon in a Brown Butter Candied Bacon Ice Cream Recipe. read more


sheknows - March 2015. Brandi Bidot uses Applegate Bacon in her Bite-size Bacon, Jam and Havarti Sliders. read more


Glamour - February 2015. Amie Valpone's "Top Ten Foods to Eat When You're Feeling Stressed," featuring Applegate Naturals. read more


Shape - February 2015. Shape Magazine's "15 Smart, Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food" lists Applegate Natural Big Apple Hot Dogs. read more


Huffington Post - January 2015. Applegate recognized as active participants of the Top 5 Food Trends to Watch in 2015 read more


Cool Mom Picks - January 2015. Cool Mom Picks shows how you can "Rock the Lunch Box" read more


Glamour - December 2014. Amie Valpone's Sandwich Tips, Featuring Applegate Turkey. read more


Business Wire - December 2014. Business Wire announces that consumers feel more secure with brands using .organic instead of .com read more


The Nourished Kitchen - December 2014. Jenny McGruther Uses Good Morning Bacon in a Delicious Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe! read more


Real Simple - November 2014. Real Simple lists Applegate for best organic beef and organic chicken hot dogs read more


Men's Health - November 2014. Applegate Great Organic Beef Hot Dog named in Men's Health Best Foods for Men read more


Shape - November 2014. Shape Magazine's "11 Bad-for-You Foods That Aren't So Bad for You" lists Applegate ham, turkey, and bacon read more


Parents - November 2014. Parents Magazine makes healthy foods more kid friendly with Applegate bacon read more


Women's Health - October 2014. Applegate Chicken & Apple Breakfast Sausage Patties in Women's Health 9 Packaged Breakfast Foods That Are Actually Healthy! read more


Huffpost Parents - October 2014. Applegate's Rob O'Donnell shares his tips to packing kids lunches read more


Livestrong - October 2014. Livestrong names Applegate in The 14 Most Progressive Food Companies read more


HuffPost Green - October 2014. Maria Rodale discusses the demand for organic farming in America, due to companies like Applegate wanting to meet consumer demands read more


Glamour - September 2014. Amie Valpone lists 5 Easy Protein-Packed Snacks, Using Applegate's Organic Chicken Breast with Lettuce Wrap Recipe read more


Food Network - September 2014. Applegate HALF TIME Helps Take the Stress Out of Lunchbox Meals! read more


Fox News - September 2014. Amie Valpone Lists 11 Gluten-Free Brands Worth Buying read more


Boston Globe - August 2014. The Boston Globe Reviews What Parents Would Do If They Didn't Have to Pack Their Kid's Lunch read more


NJBiz - August 2014. Applegate's Own, Chris Ely and Neil Leinwand Discuss the Key to Company Growth read more


Hungry Girl - August 2014. Hungry Girl Promotes HALF TIME read more


The Daily Meal - July 2014. Applegate Great Organic Hot Dog Named BEST All-Beef Hot Dog! read more


Fox News - July 2014. Fox News Tips For A Healthier Summer BBQ read more


New York Family - July 2014. HALF TIME Chosen in Top 5 Snacks from the Snack Attack Showcase. read more


USA Today - July 2014. USA Today Promoting Benefits of HALF TIME vs Lunchables read more


Huffington Post - July 2014. Why Hot Dogs are Underrated, and the Better Brands to buy read more


The Daily Meal - June 2014. Celebrity dietician Ashley Koff suggested Applegate Organic hot dogs for a better barbeque on the Daily Meal. read more


Everyday Health - June 2014. Everyday Health gave Applegate Organic Turkey dogs their stamp of approval. read more


Daytime Florida - June 2014. On Daytime Florida, lifestyle expert Jeni Bond said Applegate Natural hot dogs work great for 4th of July parties. read more


Huffington Post - June 2014. In the Huffington Post Green section, Maria Rodale, CEO and Chairman of Rodale Institute, mentions Applegate’s support for raising healthy and happy pigs. read more


Nourished Kitchen - June 2014. Nourished Kitchen blogger Jenny McGruther decodes “the great American hot dog” and says she chooses Applegate hot dogs for the simple ingredients. read more


Daily Buzz - June 2014. The Daily Buzz features Applegate hot dogs on their 4th of July party special. read more


Buzzfeed - May 2014. Buzzfeed lists Applegate as a packaged meat brand that is actually "natural." read more


Fox Denver KDVR - May 2014. Chelsea Vurciaga talks about shopping organic without breaking the bank on Fox Denver KDVR. read more


Wake Up With Al - May 2014. On Wake Up with Al, Joy Bauer discussed how well Applegate hot dogs work for summer grilling. read more


WCIU You & Me This Morning - May 2014. Ashley Petit suggests Applegate hot dogs as a nice addition for a healthier Memorial Day BBQ on WCIU You & Me This Morning. read more


Cooking Light - May 2014. Cooking Light encouraged readers to choose Applegate hot dogs. read more


Women's Health Magazine - April 2014. In Women’s Health Magazine, Applegate's chicken and sage breakfast sausage was featured in a "Flat-Belly Day" menu. read more


NJBIZ - April 2014. Applegate was honored in NJBIZ's 2014 Best Places to Work in New Jersey! read more


Buzzfeed - April 2014. We always tell our customers where our meat comes from! Buzzfeed referenced Applegate as a transparent meat company in their “11 Food Companies That Won’t Tell You Where Their Meat Comes From” list. read more


Redbook - April 2014. Redbook suggests eating Applegate Naturals Turkey Bacon as the healthy way to eat bacon. read more


Huffington Post - April 2014. Applegate CEO, Stephen McDonnell, answers some questions about antibiotic-free meat in the Food for Thought section of Huffington Post. read more

Glamour-magazine-logo - April 2014. On, Amie Valpone, dishes about how Applegate is her "go-to" for organic poultry and meat. read more


Slate - April 2014. Slate makes it known that Applegate has strict guidelines that forbid the use of antibiotics in animals that will carry their labels. read more


Chelsea Vurciaga - April 2014. Chelsea Vurciaga listed Applegate as one of the best natural protein brands on Natural Product Network. read more


Today Show NYC - March 2014. Both Kathie Lee and Hoda called our turkey "delicious!" read more


U.S News and Health Report - March 2014. U.S News and World Report-Health advised readers to replace processed foods with the nitrate-free Applegate brand for colon health. read more


Buzzfeed - March 2014. Buzzfeed mentions Applegate Organic Hot Dogs as a healthier version of a kid favorite. read more


Every Day with Rachel Ray - March 2014. Every Day with Rachel Ray Magazine listed Applegate Pork Mini Pepperoni at number nine in their list of ten naturally nutritious foods. read more


NBC Weekend Today Show - March 2014. On the Weekend Today Show in NY, Heather Bauer said she loves Applegate Organics because, “It is such a clean line.” read more


Yahoo! Enterntainment - February 2014. Yahoo! Entertainment features a Glamour article that highlights the various ways you can “shake up your sandwich” using Applegate turkey. read more


Orlando Sentinel - February 2014. The Orlando Sentinel mentions Parents Magazine’s top 25 list of packaged foods where Applegate Naturals Uncured Reduced-Sodium Sunday Bacon comes out on top for the “meals and sides in minutes” category. read more

Parentslogo - February 2014. Parents Magazine adds Applegate Naturals Uncured Reduced-Sodium Sunday Bacon to their list of 25 best packaged foods for 2014. read more

Prevention-r - February 2014. Prevention Magazine includes: Applegate Organic Turkey Bacon, Applegate Organic Herb Turkey Breast and Applegate Great Organic Turkey Hot Dog in their 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods awards of 2014. read more


Fox News San Diego - February 2014. On Fox News in San Diego Sharone Hakman reveals an ingredient in his flatbread pizza- Applegate pork and turkey pepperoni. read more


Glamour - January 2014. Glamour recommends Applegate turkey in one of these green sandwich alternatives! read more


Hungry Girl - January 2014. Hungry Girl says Applegate Reduced Sodium Sunday Bacon is perfect for BLTs read more


100 Days of Real Food - January 2014. 100 Days of Real Food uses Applegate in some great school lunch ideas read more


Nutrition Business Journal - January 2014. Applegate and our CEO, Stephen McDonnell, are highlighted in this Nutrition Business Journal feature read more


PR Newswire - January 2014. An Applegate survey finds that majority of families say meal time is a challenge read more


Glamour - December 2013. Glamour features Applegate deli meat in “5 Imaginative Ideas to Make Meals Fun Again” read more


Prevention - December 2013. Prevention Magazine features Applegate Chicken Nuggets as “Almost-Instant Appetizers” read more


Martha Stewart - December 2013. Martha Stewart names the Applegate Great Organic Hot Dog as one of her Top Dogs! read more


Holley Grainger - December 2013. Holley Grainger defeats mid-winter lunchbox fatigue with Applegate! read more


Yahoo Finance - December 2013. Yahoo Finance publishes Applegate CEO Stephen McDonnell’s concerns on the FDA guidelines. read more


Marie Claire - November 2013. Marie Claire features Applegate Turkey Burgers in their healthy tailgating tips! read more


EveryDay with Rachel Ray - November 2013. Rachel Ray makes delicious and easy chicken ‘n’ mini waffles with Applegate Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets! read more


Women's Health - November 2013. Women’s Health names Applegate Organic Slow Cooked Ham one of the best packaged lunch foods in the supermarket. read more


The Daily Meal - November 2013. Applegate Chicken and Sage Sausage ranks in the top five of the Daily Meal’s Ultimate Breakfast Sausage Taste Test. read more


Food Network's Healthy Eats - November 2013. Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog recognizes Applegate’s Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders as a great new addition to the gluten-free aisle. read more


The Daily Buzz - November 2013. The Daily Buzz says Applegate makes holiday entertaining easy! read more


Simply Gluten-Free - November 2013. Simply Gluten-Free recommends Applegate to her readers read more


Gluten Free Girl - November 2013. Gluten Free Girl learns about Applegate in an interview with co-founder Chris Ely. read more


Health Magazine - October 2013. Health Magazine's "Must Eat List" features 13 Applegate Cheeses! read more

Sheknows - October 2013. highlights Applegate as a healthy frozen meal option. read more

Sheknows - October 2013. features Applegate Turkey Bacon in this delicious and easy low-carb lunch! read more


NPR - October 2013. NPR’s “From Scratch” sits down with Applegate CEO, Stephen McDonnell. read more


Buzzle - October 2013. Buzzle names Applegate as one of the best packaged food brands! read more


Parents - October 2013. Parents Magazine features Applegate Hot Dogs as safer, nitrate-free options for kids. read more


Overlook View - October 2013. Chris Ely, co-founder of Applegate, gives Overlook View his healthy lunchbox recommendations. read more


Diets in Review - October 2013. Diets in Review lists Applegate Chicken and Apple Breakfast Sausage as an ultimate low-calorie snack. read more


The New York Times - October 2013. Applegate CEO, Stephen McDonnell, gives some business advice in this New York Times article. read more


Diets in Review - September 2013. Diets in Review shares their favorite collection of Applegate recipes read more


Food Network - September 2013. Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog names Applegate chicken nuggets a better choice read more


Food Gawker - September 2013. Food Gawker shares this savory donut recipe filled with Applegate sausage read more


100 Days of Real Food - September 2013. 100 Days of Real Food creates easy homemade lunchables featuring Applegate pepperoni! read more

Examiner_logo - September 2013. Examiner blogger revives her favorite childhood sandwich using Applegate Natural Bologna read more


CBS Los Angeles - September 2013. CBS Los Angeles features Applegate chicken nuggets on Better Breakfast read more


Switchboard NRDC Staff Blog - September 2013. NRDC blogger praises Applegate for leading the way in the antibiotic-free meat movement read more


HGTV Magazine - September 2013. HGTV Magazine names Applegate Organics Roasted Turkey as one of their lunchbox favorites read more


The CW - August 2013. Daybreak Denver features Applegate products as “Natural Essentials” for back to school read more


Daily Buzz - August 2013. Daily Buzz’s Back to School special showcases Applegate deli meats as delicious real food for kids’ lunch read more


Huffington Post - August 2013. A nutritionist mom on Huffington Post uses Applegate deli meats in her kids’ lunchboxes read more


Buggie & Jelly Bean - August 2013. This blogger shares a week of creative and delicious Applegate lunches read more


San Francisco Chronicle - August 2013. San Francisco Chronicle names Applegate Monterey Jack Cheese into the Taster’s Choice Hall of Fame read more


U.S. News & World Report - August 2013. U.S. News & World Report recommends Applegate deli meat as a protein-rich choice read more


WGNO ABC - August 2013. ABC's Good Morning New Orleans loves Applegate Natural Chicken Nuggets and Strips! read more

Examiner_logo - August 2013. The Examiner writes a glowing review of Applegate’s gluten-free hot dogs! read more


Examiner - July 2013. The Examiner names our Great Organic Beef and Turkey Hot Dogs as some of the best choices read more


Hungry Girl - July 2013. Hungry Girl ranks Applegate Natural Hot Dogs amongst her choices for summer grilling read more


Prevention - July 2013. Prevention shares a great recipe to spice up our Great Organic Beef Hot Dogs read more


Canal House Blog - July 2013. The cooks at the Canal House use Applegate Sunday Bacon to top a delicious open-faced sandwich read more


CBS News - July 2013. CBS Better Mornings Atlanta reports that Applegate Hot Dogs make great summer meals for kids read more


Wall Street Journal - July 2013. Applegate co-founder, Chris Ely, talks to the Wall Street Journal about organic food read more


The CW - July 2013. The CW's Daybreak Denver highlights Applegate Hot Dogs as delicious and natural options for 4th of July grilling read more


Food Network - July 2013. The Food Network Healthy Eats blogger feels good about feeding Applegate Hot Dogs to her kids read more


Prevention - June 2013. Prevention awards Applegate with the Cleanest Packaged Food Award 2013 for five products - the most of any company! read more


Yahoo Health - June 2013. Organic Hot Dogs make Yahoo's top ten list for healthy summer grilling! read more


Wall Street Journal - June 2013. The Wall Street Journal recognizes Applegate as a rising competitor in the meat industry read more


Huffington Post - June 2013. Applegate receives praise from the Huffington Post for responsibly sourcing meat and sponsoring Hack//Meat read more


Bloomberg Businessweek - June 2013. Bloomberg Businessweek commends Hack//Meat's quest to promote sustainable meat production read more


Daily of the Day - June 2013. Daily of the Day features our Wienervention video read more


Chicago Daily Herald - May 2013. Chicago Daily Herald recognizes Applegate's Cleanest Packaged Food Award read more

Thenibble - May 2013. shares gourmet hot dog recipes read more

Fox - May 2013. recognizes our Turkey Bacon as one of the Top Ten read more


CSPI - May 2013. Applegate is recognized for selling meat from animals that never receive antibiotics read more


Heritage Radio - May 2013. CEO Stephen McDonnell talks about improving the meat industry read more


Huffington Post - May 2013. The Huffington Post shares our regional hot dog video read more

Rodalenews_logo - May 2013. votes Applegate one of 9 healthiest hot dogs read more


WBAA - May 2013. Jessica Harris speaks with Applegate's CEO, Stephen McDonnell read more


NPR - April 2013. CEO Stephen McDonnell talks about the dangers of antibiotic overuse in agriculture. read more

Real Simple - April 2013. Our Turkey Bacon tops Real Simple's "Best-of" list! read more


The New York Times - April 2013. Environmental Working Group's report, "Superbugs Invade American Supermarkets," was mentioned in The New York Times. The report was partially funded by Applegate. read more


Discovery News - April 2013. Environmental Working Group's report on Superbugs, partially funded by Applegate, was featured on read more


Mama on a Green Mission - April 2013. Mama on a Green Mission features Applegate Bacon in Lasagna Roll Ups! read more

Yahoo_shine_logo - Shine - April 2013. Shine suggests Applegate Organic Turkey as a "skinny snack idea." read more

Thenibble_logo - April 2013. Applegate Reduced Sodium Bacon makes The Nibble's "special indulgences" list read more


Dallas News - April 2013. Dallas News uses Applegate Andouille Sausage in a Red Beans and Rice Soup. read more


Spring Mountain Living - April 2013. Spring Mountain Living thinks our products are "Uber Yummy!" read more


Baked Bree - April 2013. Try Applegate Bacon in a delicious Spicy Corn Macaroni and Cheese recipe. read more

WKDVR - April 2013. Applegate products are featured on KDVR TV as "the best natural products to use on Earth Day." read more


HGTV Magazine - April 2013. HGTV Magazine suggests putting Applegate Natural Reduced Sodium Bacon in your shopping cart read more

WLNY Better TV - April 2013. WLNY Better TV features our award-winning Great Organic Hot Dogs read more

KWGN, Daybreak Denver - April 2013. Daybreak Denver TV suggests Applegate Hot Dogs as a healthy alternative for junk food read more


Food Safety News - April 2013. Food Safety News covered our CEO's appearance on NPR read more


Today Show - March 2013. Prevention Magazine shows off Applegate's healthy packaged food on the Today Show! read more


Rachael Ray Magazine - March 2013. Rachael Ray Magazine uses Applegate Reduced Sodium Bacon to "make a healthier turkey club" read more


Common Ground Magazine - March 2013. Applegate is recognized for supporting Prop. 37 in Common Ground Magazine read more

Yahoo_news_logo - February 2013. Celebrity chef Sarah Moulton featured our Andouille Sausage in a classic New Orleans dish read more

Mitzi Dulan, RD - February 2013. Blogger and nutritionist Mitzi Dulan calls Applegate deli meat one of her favorite foods. read more


SuperKids Nutrition - February 2013. Our turkey is featured in a Waldorf Turkey Sandwich recipe read more


Supermarket Savvy Newsletter - February 2013. The reviewers at Supermarket Savvy say: "Applegate Organic Roasted Turkey Breast has a flavor similar to turkey at Thanksgiving." Yum! read more


Denver Daybreak - February 2013. Chelsea Verciaga from the Natural Product Network says "skip the drive thru" and eat Applegate instead read more

About_logo - February 2013. Applegate's gluten-free hot dogs were recognized on read more


Nekaro - January 2013. Nekaro eats, loves and enjoys Applegate Bacon! read more


The Province - January 2013. The Province knows how to cut calories on Super Bowl Sunday - with Applegate bacon! read more


Bite of the Best - January 2013. Bite of the Best recommends our Reduced Sodium Bacon read more


Diet Detective - January 2013. According to Diet Detective, our Turkey Bacon is an excellent Super Bowl substitute. read more

Nytimes - December 2012. The Applegate-sponsored event, "Hack//Meat," was featured on read more

Buzzfeed - December 2012. Our Bacon Yule Log was called out as a drool-worthy Christmas experience on Buzzfeed read more

Forbes_logo - December 2012. The Applegate-sponsored event, "Hack//Meat," was featured on read more

Inclogoblack - December 2012. Watch CEO Stephen McDonnell speak about overcoming the challenges he faced early in Applegate's history read more

Ny_mag_grubstreet2 - December 2012. The Applegate-sponsored event, "Hack//Meat," was featured on read more


WPIX11 - December 2012. We're honored - our Bacon Yule Log was featured by the creators of the original Yule Log broadcast - WPIX read more


CBS LA - December 2012. Chef Sharone Hackman dresses up some New Year's Eve appetizers with Applegate bacon read more


The New York Times - December 2012. CEO Stephen McDonnell talks about the growing market for antibiotic-free meat read more


Parenting Magazine - November 2012. Parenting Magazine calls our Chicken Nuggets a "Super Supper" in their 2012 Eatie Awards! read more


Women's Health - September 2012. Women's Health picks Applegate Naturals Family Size Chicken Nuggets as one of the 125 Best Packaged Foods for Women read more


iVillage - September 2012. Applegate named Healthiest Store-Bought Foods for Kids - "Convenience foods that are life-savers when it comes to busy schedules and picky eaters!" read more


Teen Vogue - August 2012. Wondering what healthy snacks to pack in your child's lunchbox? Teen Vogue suggests Applegate Organic Sliced Turkey Breast. read more


Parents Magazine - August 2012. Parents magazine called our Family Size Chicken Nuggets out as a "Packaged Pick" and a healthfulfrozen alternative to home made chicken strips read more


Whole Foods Magazine - July 2012. Our Co-Founder Chris Ely is quoted in Whole Foods Magazine on the importance of choosing antibiotic-free meat for summer grilling. read more


New Day - Northwest - July 2012. Chef Sharone Hakman of Fox's Master Chef loves our hot dogs! In this TV segment on New Day Northwest, he gets gourmet with cilantro and spicy artisanal pickles. read more


Good Day Oregon - July 2012. Chef Sharone Hakman of Fox's Master Chef shows off our beef, turkey and chicken hot dogs on Good Day Oregon. He even jazzes them up with cherry chutney! read more


US News - July 2012. Co-Founder Chris Ely explains the difference between naturally occurring and chemical nitrates and explains why we always cure our meats with natural ingredients. read more


Fooducate - July 2012. This food blog shares some whacky hot dog facts and gives our Hot Dog a shout out as the top rated one on their site. read more


Clean Eating - July 2012. Clean Eating deems The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog a better hot dog.Clean Eating July 2012 read more


Family Circle - July 2012. Family Circle features our "guilt-free" Great Organic Beef Hot Dog. read more


AdWeek - June 2012. AdWeek tagged "Mooscles" as their "Advertisement of the Day"! Is that a needle in your haunch? read more


Ad Age - June 2012. Ad Age chose our "Mooscles" commercial as the "Creativity Pick of the Day"! Check out what they had to say. read more


Huffington Post - June 2012. Applegate's Great Organic Beef Hot Dog ranks in the Top 3 in Huffington Post's Taste Test. Huffington Post - Hot Dog Survey 2012 read more


Good Day Oregon - June 2012. Sharone Hakman, celebrity chef and recent contestant on Gordon Ramsey’s MasterChef, is a big fan of Applegate products. Check out his recipe for Grilled peaches and Applegate Prosciutto! read more


Better Mornings - June 2012. Atlanta Registered Dietician, Ann Dunaway, tells Atlantans they don’t have to worry about the ingredients in an Applegate Hot Dog – just beef, water, salt and spices. Check out her delicious topping made with Georgia peaches and Vidalia onions. read more


People- June 2012 - June 2012. Stacy Keibler is known as The Weapon of Mass Seduction from Dancing with the Stars, The Legs of WWE, and most recently as George Clooney’s girlfriend. We can now add Applegate Fan to the list! read more


Self- June 2012 - June 2012. Applegate's Herb Turkey Breast is the proud winner of Self's 2012 Healthy Food Award! read more


Whole Living - June 2012. The Super Natural Beef Hot Dog is featured as a tasty, healthy hot dog. read more


Meatingplace - May 2012 - May 2012. The FDA's proposal to "ask" not "tell" the industry to limit use of antibiotics in livestock strikes a cord with Applegate's founder, Stephen McDonnell and others within the industry. read more


The Today Show - May 2012. Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, recommends Applegate chicken and turkey dogs as a healthy alternative for this year's grilling season! Applegate Chicken and Turkey Dogs on the Today Show with Lisa Lilln read more


Prevention's Healthy Food Awards 2012 - May 2012. Applegate's Turkey Burger and Organic Medium Cheddar have been voted as one of the most delicious packaged foods by read more


USA Today - April 2012. Our founder, Stephen McDonnell talks about the realities of cheap meat with other experts in the industry. Does giving antibiotics to animals hurt humans? read more


Meatingplace - April 2012 - April 2012. Our founder, Stephen McDonnell, talks about eating less meat, enjoying it more and what it takes to change meat in America. read more


Today Show - March 2012. Applegate Natural Chicken Nuggets presented by Hungry Girl on NBC's Today Show. read more


Men's Health - March 2012. Organic Roasted Turkey Breast and Organic Mild Cheddar Cheese named in The 20 Best Organic Foods by Men's Health Magazine. read more


Natural Health Magazine - March 2012. Applegate's Natural Gluten Free Chicken Breast Tenders won the 2012 Good Food Freezer Award! read more


Living Without - February 2012. Our gluten free Natural Pepperoni made it onto the Living Without Magazine’s shopping list for their pizza pocket recipe! read more


GQ - February 2012. GQ gives us "Extra Credit" for our Bigger, Bolder Bacon! read more


Charlotte Today WCNC - January 2012. Our poultry hot dogs were featured for not having artificial ingredients, fillers or chemical preservatives! Plus, they're antibiotic-free! read more


Dr. OZ - January 2012. Our Applegate Great Organic Hot Dog made it on Dr. Oz’s 99 Best Diet Foods Shopping List! read more


Charlotte Today - WCNC - January 2012. Our poultry hot dogs were featured for not having artificial ingredients, fillers or chemical preservatives! read more


Men's Health - Men's Health selected Applegate products as the top food for Men in not one, not two, but THREE categories in their annual list of 125! Find us in Deli Meat, Bacon and Hot Dogs. read more


Men's Health - Happy tailgating season! Men's Health named our hot dogs and Organic Roasted Turkey Breast best in their categories. read more


EXTRA - The authors of Grill This Not That show off their grilling chops and recommend our hot dogs as the best for a healthy cookout! read more