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The Instant Salami Party Basket

One of Applegate’s newest products is practically an instant party - the Natural Genoa Salami Trio offers a selection of conveniently sliced peppered, herbed and classic salami.

Make sure to add these items:

  • 1 package of Natural Genoa Salami Trio
  • One good bottle of wine
  • A set of pretty napkins
  • A hefty wooden serving board 
  • One bag of crisp crackers or crostini 

BONUS POINTS: If you want to add a homemade element, swap out store-bought crackers for:

PREMIUM UPGRADES: We love a little something sweet and salty with our charcuterie...

  • A nice jar of fig jam or a block of quince paste would take care of the sweet
  • A mix of olives or a good giardiniera can take care of the salty
  • One hunk of creamy or sharp cheese would be great to pair with the salami and crackers

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